Recommendation: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Genre: Alternative Historical Fantasy Publisher: Bloomsbury 1806 and magic returns to England with the unravelling relationship between two contrary magicians. This book draws you in and immediately swallows you whole. Gothic-horror overtones and 19th century-pastiche prose conjure one enchanting read and the exquisitely detailed world practically steams from the pages. Pure sophistication: the ‘thinking wo/man’s’... Continue Reading →

Recommendation: The Glass Books of The Dream Eaters

Genre: Steampunk Publisher: Penguin Three unlikely heroes, each with their own peccadillos, unite to thwart the machinations of a cabal of oligarchs. This erotically-charged romp bounds across an alternate Victorian landscape like a run-away steam train. From manor houses to seedy back-parlours; from hotel boudoirs to grotty hovels; from experimenting chambers to zeppelins in the... Continue Reading →

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