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A Cautionary Fairy-Tale for World Book Night

  meaton Abbey was a quiet village. Its people were honest, modest folk. Wholesome. Worked hard, dressed plainly, attended church on Sunday. People had their roots firmly planted in the earth here: like-minded families who kept their language clean and their houses cleaner. No-one sang too loudly, dressed too brightly, or ate to excess. Live... Continue Reading →

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On the Importance of Fairy Tales

Recommending Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales made me reflect on the sheer brilliance and importance of the traditional tale and why they have endured for so many hundreds of years. Whether you choose to sub-categorise them into allegories, fables, folklore, myth, legend – the list could go on – or approach them as a... Continue Reading →


Genre: Steampunk Publisher: Tor Books When Leviticus Blue’s Boneshaker devastates 19th century Seattle, swamping it in zombifying blight gas, an enormous wall is built to contain it. Sixteen years later, Blue’s widow, Briar Wilkes, re-enters the toxic, zombie-ridden city in search of her son, Ezekiel, who seeks exoneration for his father. Air pirates, rogues and... Continue Reading →

Use Correct Punctuation: Save Lives!

This week I've been tweeting out punctuation omissions and it's true: correct punctuation really can save lives. Indeed, without it, we risk cannibalism and murder. 1. Brian wasn't convinced the sign offered his walking party all that much protection should they be caught in the cross-hairs of a rifle: HUNTERS PLEASE BE CAREFUL SHOOTING RAMBLERS... Continue Reading →

The Book of Lost Things

Genre: Fantasy; Fairy Tales Publisher: Washington Square Press When David’s mother dies and his father remarries, his wish to escape his new life is granted when he slips through a crack in the garden wall into another world. A dark and often brutal adventure follows: one which reimagines a host of fairy tales and associated... Continue Reading →

Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales

Genre: Traditional Tales/Fairy Tales Publisher: Virago Press Carter’s fairy-tale compilation spans the globe in a celebration of the world’s eclectic cultural and social heritage, kept alive for centuries through the power of the spoken word. The stories are inventively yet intuitively grouped and their allegorical spirit preserved through simple language and stark imagery. It’s humorous,... Continue Reading →

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