Short Story Publication: One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth, in: ParABnormal Magazine, June 2019

I’m thrilled to confirm that my fantasy short story, One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth, has been published in Alban Lake Publishing’s ParABnormal Magazine, June 2019. It is the story of two sisters and the lengths they must go to in order to protect the youngest from a soursmith who would prey on her soul.

The ParABnormal Magazine is a home for stories that, in their words ‘include[s] shapeshifters, mythological creatures, and creatures from various folklores… shapeshifters [which] refer to the spiritual shift, not the physical…’. I was struck by their notion that ‘paranormal activity centres around the human, not the creature’ and, as One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth, combines spiritual shifts centred around the soul, as well as drawing heavily on bird folklore, I was pleased that they agreed our worlds were a good match. This month’s issue also includes the Nebular Nominated short story, Cymodoce, by Joseph Carrabis, so it’s certainly worth a look!

Dare you enter the world of ParABnormal Magazine?!

The June issue can be purchased here:

ParABnormal Magazine, June 2019

Or for an annual subscription, check out the option here:

ParABnormal subscription

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