Recommendation in 60 Words: The Ravencrest Chronicles, Book 1 – Seahaven

Publisher: Kyanite Publishing (February 2019)

Genre: Flintlock; Dark Fantasy

When Hillcrest Manor is left unguarded, burglar, Gareth Vann, seizes his opportunity. But it’s more than riches that greet him. Clean prose and a well-realised world, of ale-houses, choked back-alleys and sewers, deliver an enjoyable read, enriched by a punchy plot and cast of humorous and hateful characters, from pirates to prostitutes; vampires to street urchins. Seahaven has it all!

A note about the recommendation:

Seahaven is the first book within the Ravencrest Chronicles: an anthology which is comprised of three distinct novellas as well as short stories and poetry. I am recommending Seahaven individually, as it also stands as a publication in its own right.

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