Genre. A necessary evil?

It’s interesting. When qualifying my novel The Procurement of Souls as a Victorian-gothic-steampunk crossover (which it is!), my wife tells me, it’s off-putting. To who? To me, she says, steampunk cheapens it; it’s much more than that. Well, I happen to love quality fiction within the so-called steampunk sub-genre and by being specific, knowing our... Continue Reading →

Cigars and Dry Martinis

My last writing blog ‘Writer’s Block: It’s in Your Head, Isn’t It?’ got me thinking about the writing environment and the perfect setting for creative flow. And so, to: Cigars and Dry Martinis Well, I’m not a smoker. Nor am I a heavy drinker, for that matter. But fate (actually, my wife’s career) was such... Continue Reading →

Recommendation: The Glass Books of The Dream Eaters

Genre: Steampunk Publisher: Penguin Three unlikely heroes, each with their own peccadillos, unite to thwart the machinations of a cabal of oligarchs. This erotically-charged romp bounds across an alternate Victorian landscape like a run-away steam train. From manor houses to seedy back-parlours; from hotel boudoirs to grotty hovels; from experimenting chambers to zeppelins in the... Continue Reading →

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