Editing and Learning the Hard Way: Homophones

For a bit of light relief, @BenjamHope, I’ve been tweeting a different homophone faux pas every day this week. All taken from otherwise beautiful and profound prose, of course…


After all this time, he had finally found a woman on his wave length and intellectual footing. Not only was he thirty-five; she was two.

An extract from my newest historical epic:

After losing both his hands in the long and bloody battle, he quickly became destitute and had no choice but to beg for arms.

Here’s one from my latest romance flick:

The Friday ended in a night of passion and the next morning she turned to him with a kiss and a smile. ‘That was unexpected,’ she said, ‘you’ve made my hole weak.’

A high-octane thriller about the pharmaceutical industry:

‘I can’t test the vaccine on that many people,’ replied the doctor, ‘I simply don’t have the patience.’

From the memoires of an actor:

I knew immediately that it would be something to get my teeth into: it was a rye roll, with lots of layers to it.

And lastly, from my up-and-coming detective mystery:

Detective Hale entered the old restaurant through the back entrance and was immediately put off the plaice; there was no sole and something fishy had definitely gone on.

Next week I’ll tweet some favourite grammatical emissions… erm… omissions.

Do add your own, if you have any!

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