Use Correct Punctuation: Save Lives!

This week I’ve been tweeting out punctuation omissions and it’s true: correct punctuation really can save lives. Indeed, without it, we risk cannibalism and murder.

1. Brian wasn’t convinced the sign offered his walking party all that much protection should they be caught in the cross-hairs of a rifle: HUNTERS PLEASE BE CAREFUL SHOOTING RAMBLERS WALKING THROUGH THESE WOODS.

2. She arrived at the temple and read the sign that hung on the door: THIS IS A HOLY BUILDING. PLEASE REMOVE HEADWEAR AND DON’T DRINK OR EAT PEOPLE AT PRAYER. She planned to stay a while so it was lucky she’d had her lunch.

3. She was exhausted and longed to sit down but the notice was clear: PLEASE ONLY SIT HERE IF YOU ARE ELDERLY DISABLED PREGNANT CHILDREN.

4. He was ill; very ill. He knew it. He had all the symptoms: headaches; stomach pains; unable to eat diarrhoea; dizziness. It wasn’t good.

5. It was typical. He was already late and yet the signage was clear: SLOW CHILDREN CROSSING. If only he’d taken a different route.

You have been warned!






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