On Publishing a Debut

Well it’s taken about 8 years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but my debut, The Procurement of Souls, finally went on pre-release this week in anticipation of my official launch on 1st July. It’s a funny mix of excitement and trepidation as one enters into this next phase of the journey but one I’m willing to embrace wholeheartedly. Writing isn’t easy; taking a novel to publication is far from it! Although, anything that is worthwhile seldom is. And yet, when one hits milestones like this on their journey, I think it’s certainly worthy of acknowledgment. That is true for all writers out there but especially, I would suggest, for all those who are willing to develop the tenacity and commitment to self-publish in this heavily saturated and competitive market. It’s true that resilience is key; as is grit and determination. And so, this is a small note where I congratulate myself, if you’ll allow me, in getting this far; but a glass raised too, to all those fellow writers who have and aspire to do the same! And as I salute my fellow scribes, open a bottle of beer, and allow myself a moment to consider this week and 1st July an achievement, wish me luck with what comes next!

Pre-ordering is available through Amazon now.

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