Kyanite Press Inaugural Edition: A Speculative Fiction Journal

Rookery at Smeaton Abbey Benjamin Hope

Thrilled to have my cautionary fairy-tale, The Rookery at Smeaton Abbey, included in Kyanite Press’ Inaugural Publication. I had the privilege of receiving an advance digital copy and not only is the authorship fantastic across the work selected but the diversity on offer is captivating: from cosmic horror to post-apocalyptic sci-fi; from deconstructed flash-fiction to ‘sword and planet’ traditions; from darker, more reflective imaginings to fantastical humour – I’m proud to have my own fantasy fable among them.

For anyone writing speculative fiction, I would urge you to take a good look at what Kyanite Publishing (of which Kyanite Press forms just one strand) have to offer. In addition to their speculative fiction journal, they own several publishing imprints: Kyanite Kiss, for speculative romance fiction; Kyanite Glass, for novella and serial story eBooks; and Kyanite Crypt, for all horror fiction! They are in their infancy now, but mighty oaks from little acorns do grow and I certainly wish them every success in their impressive and valuable endeavour and contribution to the speculative fiction genre at large.

Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @KyanitePub.

You can preview and buy the 1st edition of Kyanite Press’ Journal for Speculative Fiction through Amazon.


(Kyanite Press front page artwork used by agreement with Kyanite Publishing LLC)


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