Speculative Fiction Recommendations in 60 Words: What’s on the TBR Pile Now?

After thoroughly enjoying Melmoth by Sarah Perry, I’ve got more great reading in store, including a couple of ARCs sent my way from Kyanite Publishing. Here’s what’s next, and what I’m sure will make for some more 60 Word Recommendations:

pendulum sun

Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng

Genre/s: Dark Fantasy / Gothic Fantasy / Fairy Tale / Alternative History

Already started this gothic fantasy debut about a woman who travels to the relatively newly discovered land of the Fae in search of her Victorian missionary brother. I’m only about 100 pages in and it’s already shaping up to be deliciously dark and realised with a great eye for detail. The world drips with gothic foreboding.


The Ravencrest Chronicles | Omnibus One by B. K. Bass

Genre/s: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Flintlock Fantasy

I’ve been lucky enough to receive an ARC from Kyanite Publishing for this one, in advance of its release in a couple of weeks’ time, and I couldn’t resist making a start (I’m reading it in tandem with Pendulum Sun). As it says, it’s an omnibus, and comprised of three novellas and a series of short stories and poems. I’m about 50 pages into the first, Seahaven, and already enjoying the decidedly unsavoury reality that the port-town has to offer as well as the roguish charm of the protagonist thief.

MagiciansSin-Thomas-Cover-1140x1629The Magician’s Sin by Alexander Thomas

Genre/s: Fantasy / Noir

Another ARC offering from Kyanite Publishing. Of course, I had to have a quick read of the first chapter, and it certainly opens with a bang, as a semi-retired wizard, Anson Walker, enters a church in Titan City to do battle with a demon who has already brutalised the local priest and exorcist. Looking forward to how this shapes up.


Snakewood by Adrian Selby

Genre: Grimdark Fantasy

After being recommended Adrian Selby’s work by a friend, I am desperate to get to Snakewood, which I’m promised is one hell of a debut. With his second novel out last year, I have a feeling that I have a couple of treats in store. Only sorry, that I can’t make the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club (@SRFantasyClub) on 12th Feb at the Gollancz offices in London, to hear him read.


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